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I Never Thought I Would Let That N-Word Affect Me

I Never Thought I Would Let The N-Word Have Power Over Me: Tuesday, October 9th around 9:40 P.M. When my next door neighbor whom we shared a wall with began to have "too much fun." First I heard a raucous yell, then a scream and next the shaking of the walls by his fists. His name was Chris and he was our neighbor.  Chris was a human being just like the rest of fellow man, he had two eyes, two ears and one mouth.  We shared all the common human features except humanity. To Chris  however, the only common bond we shared was the wall that separated our bedroom hallway from his apartment living room. Because this was the only bond we shared he used it in an attempt to terrorize me, to sway me from our mental ambiance, to highlight how different he thought I was from him. "NIGGERS!!!!, WATCH THIS, GOT DAMNED NIGGERS!!!,"Chris yelled as he pounded some more. If the human speech was capable of causing an earthquake they would've found me beneath the rubbl

Summerian Origin

Recent advances in DNA research have established that there was an Eve who lived about 250 to 270 thousand years ago, a first mother from who all modern humans stem, no matter what their racial heritage. [In 1987, scientists from the Universities of California and Michigan announced that all human beings descended from a single mitochondrial Eve: who lived in Africa.] Then came news a few years later that there also was an actual Adam. Finally, genetic advances made test-tube babies possible by mixing the male sperm with the female egg and reimplanting it. Read More...