African/Kemetic Godesses

All cultures, both ancient and new, have a creation story. For many, the woman or female energy is seen as the center figure. Ancient Egypt has a creation story similar to many in that the world was created out of darkness. Atum aka Ptah was lonely in this dark silence and mated with his shadow to produce two children, Shu and Atum. 

Below you will find over 30 African & Kemetic Godesses that you should know.

  1. Ala - Earth Mother Goddess of the Ibo tribe in Nigeria. Creator of the living and Queen of the dead. Provider of communal loyalty and Lawgiver of society.
  2. Anansi - Spider Goddess of Ghana
  3. Asase Yaa - Old Woman Earth of the Ashanti people of western Africa. She gave birth to humanity and reclaims Her children at death. At planting, the Ashanti farmer prays to his ancestors and to Asase Yaa, Who lent the rights of cultivation to the living. Thursday is Her sacred day.
  4. Astraea - Starry One. Libyan Goddess of Holy Law, symbolized by the Scales of Judgment. Celestial Virgin dispensing the fates of men.
  5. Bahuba - Mother Goddess of Zaire.
  6. Imama - Bahiman Goddess. Goddess of growth. (Gabon)
  7. Lamia - Libyan Serpent Goddess. Daughter of Heaven and Great Lady. Serpent with a woman's head and breasts.
  8. Mawu - Great Earth Goddess of the Dahomey tribe in northwest Africa, Who created humanity with clay and water.
  9. Medusa -  Serpent Goddess of the Libyan Amazons, representing Female Wisodm.
  10. Ngame - All-powerful African Moon Goddess who gave human beings their souls by shooting lunar rays into them at birth (Akan people of Ghana)
  11. Nommo - Cosmic Mother-Father of the tribe. Mali. $$$$
12. Oya - Yoruban Goddess of music and dance, wind and fire. She sometimes takes the form of tornadoes, and lightning. Wild, untamed and unpredictable, She is ruler of the Niger river. Antelope is Her spirit animal. Goddess of eloquence and clear communication, especially of women. Patroness of female leadership. Buffalo and copper are sacred to her. Goddess of storms. Guardian of sailors. Goddess of childbirth, fertility and all aspects of a woman’s life – including career, health and family. Moon Goddess. She had twelve aspects. La Balianne. La Sirene. She is often portrayed as a mermaid or beautiful woman wearing a white or blue dress and crowned with a star. Copper and silver are sacred to her.


AkussaEgyptian Goddess of Sunset. 

Ament - Ancient Egyptian Hawk Goddess. Libyan/Egyptian Goddess of the West. She lived in a tree at the edge of the desert where She watched the gates of the underworld and welcomed the newly deceased. She appears with an ostrich feather on Her head.
Anuket - The Clasper. Goddess personifying the Yonic source of the Nile Flood. Her symbol was the cowrie. Bringer of food, Creator of all good things, Filler of granaries, Patroness of the poor and needy. The Embracer (Anukis - Greek) Water Goddess. She wore a feather headdress.
Au Set - Whom the Greeks called Isis - Oldest of the Old, from Whom all things arose, Eternal Savior of the race of men. She was the Egyptian throne, the pharaohs sat on her lap, protected by Her arms or wings. She was worshipped throughout the Greco-Roman world as well as in Egypt where She was known as Au Set. Lady of the Moon, Mother of the Crops. Offerings of baskets of grain, guarded by sacred serpent. Swallow was sacred to Her. Sycamore Her sacred tree. Bloodstone and turquoise Her sacred stones. Exceeding Queen. Tamarisk tree, Water lily sacred to Her. The One Who is All held dominion over life and death, marriage, healing, handicrafts and writing, fertility and immortality. Daughter of Nut, the Sky and Geb, the Earth, She was born in the swamp land of the Nile. The ankh is the symbol of the union of AuSet (Isis) and Osiris. Her wings and solar disc nestled between lunar bovine horns denotes Her protection of the Pharaohs (the male spirit) and Her promise of rebirth.
Bast - Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess. Patron Goddess of pleasure and music, She also was protectress against contagious diseases and evil spirits. Mother of all cats, Egypt's most sacred animal.Bubastis, Her Holy city was home to the land's greatest temple. Cats were taken to the Holy city upon their deaths, where they were embalmed in Sacred Temples and buried. Originally in the Nile delta, Lion Goddess of Sunset, symbolizing the fertilizing force of the Sun's rays. She ruled pleasure and dancing, music and joy. Bestower of mental and physical health. Hundreds of thousands of Her worshipers gathered in Her holy city Bubastis where they were greeted by flutes. It was a great celebration - worship service and vast trade fair.
Bau - Mother Goddess of the Sky of Babylonia and Phoenicia.
  Hathor - The Great Celestial Cow Goddess of ancient Egypt. Creator of the world and all it contains. Protectress of women, She is the Goddess of love and joy, the mistress of merriment. She is the sovereign of music and dance and the weaving of garlands. She often places Her spirit in the sistrum, a sacred rattle which drove away evil spirits. Her temple was the home of intoxication and place of enjoyment. She nourishes the living with Her milk and welcomes the dead into the next world. She was worshipped in 11th century B.C. Israel. Sometimes depicted with a lion head, as the Sphinx. Lotus was Her flower.
Hepat - Goddess of Midwives. aka Hekit. Frog was Her animal.
Maat - The All Seeing Eye, Goddess of Truth and Judgment, Law Giver and Dispenser of Justice. She weighed each man's soul against a feather. Lapis lazuli is Her sacred stone.
Menos - Moon Goddess credited with invention of writing.
Metseger - Ancient Snake Goddess of Thebes - Protectress of desert tombs.
Neith - Ancient Egyptian Warrior Goddess who was also skilled in domestic arts. It was She who wove the world on Her loom. Oldest of Egyptian Deities. Acacia is Her sacred tree.
Nekhebet Protectress of women in childbirth, this Egyptian Vulture Goddess suckled the royal children and the Pharaoh. She is the protectress of ancient Upper Egypt. Goddess of Death & Rebirth. Egypt's oldest oracle was the shrine of Nekhebet. The Egyptian word for Mother was the sign of the vulture.
Nephthys (Nebthet) Goddess of the Dead & the Underworld.
  Nut - Ancient Egyptian Sky Goddess with Her body arched over the world forming the vault of the heavens, protecting the Earth beneath. Often represented as a woman with elongated body, touching the Earth with only toes and fingertips, while her star-spangled belly forms the arch of the heavens. Mother Goddess personifying the Night Sky.
Renenet - Egypt's Lady of the Double Granary. Goddess of suckling, Who gave each baby it's ren (secret name-soul) along with it's mother's milk.
  Sekhmet - The Powerful - The Lion Goddess of Battle. She is an ancient Egyptian Fire Goddess, the healer of broken bones and fractures.
Selkhet - Ancient Egyptian Scorpion Goddess
Seshat - Egyptian Mistress of the House of Books, the Goddess of writing, history, measurements, calculation, record keeping and architecture. Goddess of Hieroglyphics. Lady of the Builder's Measure.Tait - Title of Isis as weaver and knotter of the threads of Fate, governing all happenings with Her magical manipulation of strands.Taueret - Egyptian Mother Goddess of the Nile. The Great Hippopotamus Goddess of childbirth and nursing.Tefnut - Lion Goddess of the Underworld.Uadjit - This ancient Egyptian Snake Goddess was the protectress of the Pharaoh and Lower Egypt. She is often represented as a winged, crowned Cobra. 2000 B.C. Mother of Creation. Celestial Serpent. aka UaZit. The cobra symbol meant goddess in hieroglyphics. Serpent Mother whose symbol was worn in the crowns of all deities and rulers. With the Vulture Goddess, She represented cycles of birth and death, beginning and ending. These 2 archaic Goddesses were known as the Two Mistresses by whose authority all pharaohs ruled and the cycles of nature were constantly renewed.

Isis - see Au Set - Goddess of fertility.


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