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African/Kemetic Godesses

All cultures, both ancient and new, have a creation story. For many, the woman or female energy is seen as the center figure. Ancient Egypt has a creation story similar to many in that the world was created out of darkness. Atum aka Ptah was lonely in this dark silence and mated with his shadow to produce two children, Shu and Atum.  Below you will find over 30 African & Kemetic Godesses that you should know. Ala  - Earth Mother Goddess of the Ibo tribe in Nigeria. Creator of the living and Queen of the dead. Provider of communal loyalty and Lawgiver of society. Anansi  - Spider Goddess of Ghana Asase Yaa  - Old Woman Earth of the Ashanti people of western Africa. She gave birth to humanity and reclaims Her children at death. At planting, the Ashanti farmer prays to his ancestors and to Asase Yaa, Who lent the rights of cultivation to the living. Thursday is Her sacred day. Astraea  - Starry One. Libyan Goddess of Holy Law, symbolized by the Scales of Judgment. Celesti