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      The African spirituality is the oldest basis for Christianity. It was developed 1000’s of years before Christianity. Despite the hard evidence and scientific confirmation many Christians still ignore the Kemetic influences. They also tend to deem them evil and exclude members with interest in these things. More evidence proves that Africa is a stable piece in the bible’s composition.
      The oldest hominid ever found, Lucy, was excavated in Ethiopia. Lucy is 3.5 million years old with 40% of her skeletal structure intact. Africa is the birthplace of stages of development also called homo-erectus. The Chromagnum man is 50,000 years old versus African man- 150,000 years old.
       The Garden of Eden was located in Eastern Africa. The roots of Westernized Christianity are Black. Kush, Cush is the eldest son of Ham, Noah’s grandson, and Nimrod’s father. Kush, Cush is Hebrew for “Black”. The descendants of Kush, Cush are Ethiopians. Ethiopia is Greek for “burnt face”; implying the dark hue of the peoples who inhabited the land and were biblical descendants. Moses had an Ethiopian love interest.
       Another query is the consistent worship and portrayal of biblical figures as being White in Black and White communities. Whiteness is portrayed negatively in the Bible and in Africa. Leprosy was shunned in Biblical and African Society. Leprosy was a painful disease that turned the skin “as white as snow”. This was used to curse and punish people, such as Miriam. This supports its negative connotation in the Biblical society. Leper colonies were created to isolate lepers away from the rest of society. This was due to the abnormality of White skin and highly contagious nature of the disease.
       Perhaps this phenomenon persists due to ignorance. The ignorance is in turn created by the socialization of the individual who grows up thinking all that is White is right and all that is Black is blight. The original African Trinity was the precursor for the Christian trinity. The African trinity consists of Asset, Assaur and Heru. Asset is the woman usually seen as the backbone of Assaur. Her improper and Greek name is Isis. Assaur is Asset’s husband and father. Heru is the son, and is depicted with a sun behind his head. The Christian trinity consists of God the father, God the son, God the Holy Ghost. This Eurocentric way exudes chauvinism and has destroyed the balance between male and female by removing Asset from the trinity.


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